Moisture Control

Excess moisture in your crawl area is very conducive to termite infestation. It can also cause mildew and mold inside your home, and create several other potential problems that can affect your structure and your health. Arrow Exterminators, Inc. offers free moisture inspections and will automatically check for excessive moisture when we inspect for termites or pests.

After a thorough inspection which includes moisture readings, we develop a plan specifically for you. One of the most common recommendations is the installation of a 4-6 millimeter vapor barrier which lines the crawl space floor and prevents moisture from rising from the ground to your under-structural supports. Additionally, the installation of Automatic Temp-Vents serves to effectively control moisture. Temp-Vents automatically open and close as the temperature changes. In cold weather, they close, trapping warm air which helps prevent frozen pipes and reduces heating costs. In warm weather, they open, providing ventilation which helps protect your home from foundation decay and termite infestations.