General Termite Control

Termites cause more damage annually to homes than earthquakes and wind storms combined. Arrow Exterminator’s trained and experienced technicians use proven treatment techniques and chemicals to inspect, treat and protect your home or business from termites.

Step 1

The detailed inspection. Any home or business must be properly inspected before a treatment plan can be developed. Arrow Exterminators, Inc. offers an initial free termite inspection.

Step 2

A treatment plan, including a drawing of your structure showing where termites have been found, how they entered, and how we plan to remedy the problem. If your home or building is termite-free, we still recommend our annual termite protection plan which, similar to an insurance plan, protects you in the event of an infestation. We offer conventional treatments, a termite bait station system or a combination of both. Arrow Exterminators uses only top-of-the-line, non-repellant termiticides. These include Premise, manufactured by Bayer and Termidor, manufactured by BASF. Non-repellant termiticides are new state-of-the-art chemicals. Unlike traditional termiticides, termites cannot detect the chemical and unwittingly tunnel through the treated soil and die.

Step 3

Treatment of the structure is accompanied by a one-year warranty. Bait station systems are monitored every three months.

Step 4

The extended protection plan. We offer the option to continue the termite protection coverage on your structure after the one-year warranty expires. Similar to other insurance plans, the inspection “renewal” comes due at the same time annually. If the inspection shows signs of termite activity, we will treat accordingly at no additional cost to you providing your annual renewal fees are up to date. You have the option to renew each year.